19 Prosinec 2016 u LF1 MEDSOC ve městě Prague.


LF1 Charity invites you to take part in our 3rd annual Christmas box donation!

Join us in creating your own personalized Christmas box for foster children in the Czech Republic.
Kick off the festive season and have fun creating your box that will make a child smile this Christmas!

Step 1: Choose a child you would like to create a box for from the attached google document.

Step 2: Please see the attached poster for details how to fill your box!

For those that are interested, this is a list of the orphanages (so far):
1. Azylového domu pro matky s dětmi ve Svitavách
2. Azylový Dům Naděje Litoměřice
3. Azylový dům, OS ČČK Kladno
4. Centrum Domek – Oblastní charita Kutná Hora
5. R-Mosty, z.s. – Azylový dům pro matky s nezletilými dětmi

We will be adding the list with more kids from other orphanages tomorrow. Make sure to check back and spread the word!

If you are in need of a shoe box, ask around some shoe shops. They may be kind enough to give some away.

Adresa: Faust House (2nd Floor), Karlovo náměstí 40, Prague
Annual Christmas Box Donation 2016

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