26 2016 u Klub Újezd ve městě Prague.


French drone/psych producer High Wolf is continuing with his excellent Black Zone Myth Chant project – responsible for one of our favourite releases of recent years – with an LP on Low Jack’s label. Following the mulchy hip-hop of 2011’s Straight Cassette, and the Sun Ra and DJ Screw inspired Mane Thecel Phares, the next BZMC release is Jimi W., billed as five tracks of Maxime Primault’s most ‘floor-friendly’ work. The LP follows last year’s Judgement Mixtape, a collection of unreleased tracks given the chopped and screwed treatment by Low Jack.

Chicaloyoh is Alice Dourlen’s solo project. Creating music between soundscape exploration and intimate contemplation, Chicaloyoh is a mix of guitar, keyboards and percussion from distant and various horizons. Chicaloyoh has released tapes on Bumtapes, Dial square tapes, Clay Ruby’s (from Burial Hex and Second Family Band) label Brave Mysteries, and more recently, full-length LP’s on the french label Faunasabbatha and Shelter Press.

more info coming soon

Adresa: Klub Újezd, Újezd 18, Prague
Black Zone Myth Chant /Editions Gravats/, Chicaloyoh /Shelter Press/

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