27 2016 u MALOSTRANSKÁ BESEDA ve městě Prague.


Lewd!Panic Productions premiers its new scripted burlesque/cabaret piece BREAK THE MASK / PROLOMIT MASKU starring Johnny Panic, Lewd Alfred Douglas, Zelma Zelma and featuring Minx Arcana.

This New York City troupe premiered its new show Break The Mask in their home town and is now presenting at Prague Fringe Festival 2016!

This play is a love song to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, an transgender people of the early 20th century.

TICKETS: https://www.ticketstream.cz/tsp/ts1website/tickets/break-the-mask-odhalte-se-praguefringe-festival-2016-116056

5/27 – 9pm
5/28 – 9pm
5/29 – 9pm
5/30 – 9pm
5/31 – 6pm

Doors: 9pm – 21:00 (Sunday 6pm)
Curtain: 9:15pm – 21:15 (Sunday 6:15pm)

Some masks are made of iron, some of silk. Some suffocate, their straps raising welts and disfiguring the skull. Their removal tears skin.
Other masks are placed by gentle but unforgiving hands of the mother and father. The repercussions of slipping from its ribbons unspeakable, cruel – more agonizing than any beating.

Break the Mask explores the lives of 5 young LGBT people surviving in the time between wars. Their lives are viewed through the lense of a single cameraman. The masks they wear are public image, beauty, society standards, and the cult of personality.

Burlesque, Dance, Sexuality, Laughter, Tears, Curtain.

Special thanks to our sponsors Pond5 – The Pleasure Chest New York

Adresa: Malostranské náměstí 21, Prague
Break The Mask - Lewd!Panic at Prague Fringe

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