15 2016 u Cinema Ladislav_ ve městě Prague.


The second film of our April cycle dedicated to „NUOVA ITALIA!“_will bring a masterpiece from one of the best living directors_who is no stranger to frequent visitors of Cinema Ladislav_

italian maestro – Marco Bellocchio_will after „Buongiorno Notte“_(screened in the month dedicated to „Freedom“)_and Bella Adormentata_(screened in the month dedicated to „Salvation“)_re-visit Cinema Ladislav_with his „operatic“ work of art from 2009_named VINCERE_that will show another facet of the Italian contemporary and unique approach to film-making_

VINCERE_is an extraordinary_and visually stunning journey through the life of Ida Dalser – Benito Mussolini´s secret first wife_who stood behind him at his beginnings_bore him a son as he was about to become the most important man in Italy_and at the peak of his career got neglected / persecuted / and at the end silenced in an inhumane way_for wanting him to acknowledge his son_

Here_Bellocchio´s typical melodramatic style_is creating a tragedy of operatic proportion_full of big gestures_hysterical sacrifices_and never-ending fights for the truth_that is suppressed by the institutional and political power_

First of all_VINCERE_is an extraordinary multi-layered metaphor of difference of perception / persistency / and determination to expose the truth_though it is also a stunning double portrait – of an eccentric and self-absorbed cowardly acting man_that led passionate country into dictatorship – and also a strong woman_who lost herself in an image of the man_she once loved_

so come this Friday_to visit Italy at the begining of the 20th century_and see one ordinary angry man to rise high with a help of the woman full of love_who´s love will be denied_and life destroyed_in the place where no one believes your truth_

a breathtaking portrait of passion / love / and power_in a tour-de-force melodrama VINCERE_by Marco Bellocchio_

this week on Friday_from 9pm_
in Cinema Ladislav_

Adresa: Umělecká 5, Prague
Cinema Ladislav_S03E29

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