06 2016 u Cafe Des Taxis ve městě Prague.


Cafe des Taxis and Anglo-American University invite you to the very first Floralia Fest, a unique celebration of early summer within the courtyard of the Thurn-Taxis palace.

Floralia was a celebration of the goddess Flora by the early Romans, as they sought to celebrate life and the various pleasures associated with it.

In a similar vein, we hope to invite our friends, neighbours and city of Prague, to partake in merrymaking on the 6th and 7th of May.

Given the original plebeian character of the Floralia celebration, we will have activities for all including, children and adults.

On the cards include an opening party, live bands, DJs, a few different art installations, theatre performances, a flea market and a plethora of interesting food and drink options – vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, microbrews, to name a few.

Stay tuned for the updated program, and join us one and all.

Adresa: Letenska 5, Prague

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