11 Březen 2017 u 23 Downtown ve městě Prague.


Greatest hits Daddy Yankee

Bailando a lo latino presents new and better edition. You will find the best latino music in Prague in a brand new club. The upcoming FIESTA LATINA party is going to be in 23 Downtown Club that is newly renovated with modern decorations and it is situated in the centre of Prague. You will come here to enjoy the best latino atmosphere in the city! You can’t miss this event, it Make a note of FIESTA LATINA in your diary and don’t forget to come!

This night we play best songs from Daddy Yankee and best from Reggaeton Merengue Salsa and Bachata.



[Filipo Astelo]It

★Salsa & More!

23 Downtown Music Club
★Stepánská 23 , Prague 1
★Share the event/ Invite your friends

Adresa: Štěpánská 23, Prague
Greatest hits Daddy Yankee | Bailando A Lo Latino | 11.3 | 23 Downtown Club |

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