25 2016 u Locus Workspace – Muzeum ve městě Prague.


How do you develop a successful product, service or make a lasting positive impact on the social sector? In much the same way –
By involving the human perspective throughout all the steps! Humancentered design does exactly that.

Humancentered design (HCD) is a popular innovation approach with a growing community of practitioners from various fields extending far beyond industrial design. Among major popularizers of HCD is IDEO, a company created by Tom and David Kelley, which has a track record of many successful products and services. In addition to helping their clients innovate, IDEO’s focus has been on spreading and democratizing the methodology through books, courses and miscellaneous free materials (DesignKit.org).

Thanks to IDEO and Acumen, we now have the opportunity to take a quality course on HCD for free, this is a seven-week online course, which involves both individual and group work, read more at https://novoed.com/hcd-acumen

As group work is an important part of the course, I would like to form a “design team” to meet weekly for 2-3 hours to work together on the assignments and discuss all things HCD.

The purpose of initial meeting is to discuss HCD, the course and ideally form one or more groups. Come even if you’re not sure if you’d be taking part in the course.

Adresa: Krakovska 1307/22, Prague
Learn Human-Centered Design!

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