19 Prosinec 2016 u City Surfer Office ve městě Prague.


Srdečně zveme na poslední letošní výstavu v City Surfer Office. S letošní sezonou se loučíme instalací GOOD OLD SOBER ADDICT Marka Delonga a Anny Slamy. Vernisáž proběhne v pondělí 19. 12. 2016 od 19h.

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition GOOD OLD SOBER ADDICT by Marek Delong and Anna Slama. Join us for the opening of the last exhibition of the year on Monday Dec. 19th 2016

www.marekdelong.com | www.annaslama.com

“…Oh ok, so I looked inside. It was not easy, you know, that nervousness, sweating hands and the damn anxiety that grips the body. I was stuck in an ancient swamp, while the old man was watching me. He thought that only he is able to turn back. Haha. For a moment I thought, that I had seen it somewhere, or perhaps experienced it. Anyway I said to myself – sometimes it is enough to shake off all the dust and rub your eyes, even if it stings, and despite all the winking and uncertainty, you simply step out ahead for the cleansing in which you seek rebirth. For that, you give nothing. Every single part of your already existed – corrupt, unpopular, devilish… Haha, yes, it is a ridiculous, pathetic, romantic vision, as the past is not allowed to be washed away, especially when it has not happened yet, while the shattered fragments of the future are staring at you from an imaginary theater stage. Well, the air was so heavy and unbearable, it made me to pull the curtain and thus interrupt this ridiculous loop…”

Adresa: Bořivojova 67, Prague
Opening: Marek Delong & Anna Slama — Good Old Sober Addict

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