CONNECT Visions to Solutions – Startup Award Opening Ceremony

20 2016 u AHK Tschechien/Česko-německá obchodní a průmyslová komora ve městě Prague.


On 20th April morning we will kick off the startup contest CONNECT Visions to Solutions” – join us!

– Keynote – Oliver Dlouhý (Skypicker)
– You will be first to hear the contest tasks, directly from innovation managers of ŠKODA AUTO, RWE, SAP, E.ON, Brose and PRE
– Great networking opportunity – attending will be startup mentors, famous founders, journalists, innovation leaders and business consultants, also from Deloitte and Roland Berger
– Glorious event space in the centre of Wenceslaw square
Catering by Markus Breier

More about the contest:
Mandatory event registration:

Adresa: Václavské náměstí 40, Prague
CONNECT Visions to Solutions - Startup Award Opening Ceremony

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Oliver Dlouhý – Diskuze se zakladatelem Skypickeru

03 2016 u United Business Club ve městě Prague.


Oliver Dlouhý je zakladatelem veleúspěšného Skypickeru– služby pro booking a koupi letenek, jejiž roční obrat má 8 čísel.

Přijďte se dozvědět jak vznikl nejúspěšnější start-up na letenky!

Počet míst na přednášku je omezený. Registrace je nutná a je možné ji provést zde:

Místnost přednášky: bude upřesněna

Oliverovi můžete položit otázky zde: Vložte kód: 361-403-690

Těšíme se na Vás! 🙂

tým UBC

Adresa: Náměstí Winstona Churchilla 4, Praha, Prague
Oliver Dlouhý - Diskuze se zakladatelem Skypickeru

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BITCOIN MEETUP | Crowdholding with Ethan Clime

19 2016 u Paralelní Polis ve městě Prague.


Would like to learn more about crowdfunding and crowdsourcing? From inspiration of Peter Diamandas, founder of Xprize, comes a presentation on the inevitable future growth of crowdfunding & crowdsourcing. We are seeing a movement of more transparency between customers and businesses from Elon Musk’s sharing of Tesla’s IP to company reward based problem solving given out to the general public. A sharing economy is in the works as a unique emerging market to better society.

Ethan Clime will be going over his knowledge and research, including best practices of crowdfunding. Ethan ran a successful crowdfunding campaign for the product AquaJar, and will share you the do’s and don’ts from his own personal experience. Lastly, he will present his new startup and business concept which he calls Crowdholding. A new way to emerge both crowdfunding & crowdsourcing as one platform, allowing startups to gather crowds of people to support their ideas for future revenue shares and gather the necessary following to bring product to market at a rabid and innovative rate.


Beside Institute of Cryptoanarchy, what else will you find in Paralelní Polis? Experience your first government-free transaction in Bitcoin Coffee, 3D-print for bitcoins in Makerslab dron, check out a free trial day in unique coworking space Paper Hub.

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Adresa: Dělnická 43, Prague
BITCOIN MEETUP | Crowdholding with Ethan Clime

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ICAEW Business Game

27 2016 u Fakulta financí a účetnictví VŠE v Praze ve městě Prague.


Come and join us for an unforgettable experience with ICAEW
ICAEW is hosting at the Faculty of finance and accounting
their first Business Game at the Czech Republic!

The ICAEW Business Game will give you an insight into what it might be like to have a career as a Chartered Accountant. Working in teams and taking on the role of chartered accountants you will have to find solutions to problems a client is facing. Taking part will give you a real feel for if the career is for you, will help you develop some core soft skills needed for chartered accountancy.

So whether you are interested in the career or unsure if it’s the path for you the ICAEW Business Game will give you the insight and information you need and you’ll have fun whilst learning.

In teams of six you will work on an interactive case study acting as business advisers; analysing real-life business scenarios, evaluating the market and putting business proposals together. Working against the clock, teams will then assess opportunities and challenges facing the organisation, make strategic decisions and present their recommendations.

Join us and impress future employers with your commitment and knowledge in this area.

Date: Wednesday 27 April 2016
Time: 16:30-19:30
Venue: University of Economics, Prague, Room number NB D
Cost: Free to attend

Adresa: nám. Winstona Churchilla 4, Prague
ICAEW Business Game

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Business Brainstorming Intensive Lunch

18 2016 u Locus Workspace – Vinohrady ve městě Prague.


*Collaborative Brainstorming Workshop*

An incredibly innovative space. A chance to sit in an intensive brainstorming session (you never know what we might come up with!), fresh ideas, fresh perspectives, fresh contacts, answers to questions, ah-ha moments, creative solutions to business problems and more!

This session is great:

– if you are still working and trying to figure out how to best proceed in your career – if you just started your own business

– as well as those more established business people.

*About the Coordinator*

Veronika Harrison – creative business strategist with broad experience on local and international markets. Veronika is helping startups to develop a business model with the biggest potential and the right sales and / or marketing activities to attract their customers and build strong relationships with them. She is always hungry to learn more. In her opinion the best adviser is the one able to listen and ask the questions leading to the solution needed.

For more information check Meetup:

Adresa: Slezska 857/45, Prague
Business Brainstorming Intensive Lunch

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Asia Innovation Forum 2016

24 2016 u Impact Hub Praha ve městě Prague.


Asia Innovation Forum is a conference on innovation for entrepreneurs, scholars and scientists from Central & Eastern Europe. Come to hear respected industry leaders sharing their experience on innovation in East Asia. Ever wondered about the state of intellectual property protection, technology transfers or simply how to market your innovative products in East Asia? Presentations will be covering the need-to-know topics of the entrance on East Asian markets with innovative products in ICT, clean energy & environment protection, healthcare, and nanotechnologies. During the four-session program you will discover the latest trends in business with East Asia, learn the dos and don’ts with Asian partners and meet your peers from innovative industries.

Adresa: Drtinova 10, Prague
Asia Innovation Forum 2016

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PIAF 2016 – Prague International Advertising Festival

26 2016 u Veletržní palác – Národní galerie ve městě Prague.


2 days_30 speakers_10 countries

Keep up to date with global marketing and advertising trends.

The first day of the conference will focus on SPORTS marketing, which is often a pioneer in exceptional solutions for brand activation.

The second day will focus on PRIDE and JOY in marketing world.

Full program available:

Adresa: Veletržní, Prague
PIAF 2016 - Prague International Advertising Festival

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StartupDay #3

28 2016 u Node5 ve městě Prague.


Every month Node5 organizes the StartupDay, an event where there is no place for opinions, just real experience.

StartupDay is a day full of lectures which covers both essential and advanced know-how required to successfully run a company – how to build product, discover market, understand law, tame finances or conquer the management are just some of the topics we’ll tackle every month.

You can look forward to good refreshments and long breaks between lectures – ideal networking conditions!

We thank our event sponsors: CzechInvest, Credo Ventures and MSD IT Global Innovation Center.

Register here:

Ondřej Bartoš from Credo Ventures will tell you which startups are suitable for your investments, how to think about the investment and where to look for the right investor.

If you are thinking about funding by crowdfunding form, there is a lecture prepared by Andrea Lauren, which is about what crowdfunding portals to choose and for which projects makes crowdfunding sense.

Loyd Waldo from StartupYard Accelerator will tell you when it makes sense to participate in startup accelerators and how to choose the right one for a startup.

Martin Kešner, founder of the competition Nápad roku, will tell you which competition is suitable for each startup, what is expected from startupers in competition and how to prepare for it.

The StartupDay is held in English language, it is free, but registration is necessary.

Adresa: Radlicka 50, Prague
StartupDay #3

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